about the organization…


SAMUHA NEPAL is an organization inspired by the necessities seen among the able but underprivileged. It was established with the aim of working in different prioritized themes and issues by creating an enabling environment where poor and marginalized people will be able to exercise their rights in health and education. SAMUHA NEPAL is a secular, charitable, non-political and registered non-governmental organization, to work among the unreached with the main focus in the development of health and education, regardless of religion, race or the political affiliation.

SAMUHA NEPAL is termed as TEAM NEPAL in English.


Health and Education; two wheels of the Nation.


SAMUHA NEPAL believes that Health without Education is incorrigible and on the other hand, Education without Health is inadequate.


SAMUHA NEPAL has been started with the vision of providing these two requisites wherever needed since these are the wings to uphold an individual in balance.

What is SAMUHA NEPAL for?

SAMUHA NEPAL has been established in its initial stage with the following objectives to fulfill.

  • To provide scholarship to deserving students from the poor families.
  • To provide old age home, camps, free medical check-up and treatment to aged, widows, outcasts or backward people.  
  • To organize programs or campaigns with the help of a team of experts in different places to bring awareness in health, hygiene and contagious diseases.
  • To provide or distribute necessary modern educational materials and make the education more practical and effective. 
  • To organize extracurricular activities or inter school competition for the overall development of the students. 
  • To provide the modern skillful trainings to uplift the standard of living and to arrange health camps in rural and urban areas from time to time.