Who We Are


Knowing the President

SAMUHA NEPAL, former Team Nepal, was established in Kathmandu by Pradip Bajracharya in the year 2008 (2064 BS) with the help of other six members. Born to be a harbinger of hope among the underprivileged, Mr. Bajracharya has involved himself in social work since his school days. After completing his B.Sc. with Zoology as major subject, in spite of several good opportunities, chose the noble profession of teaching in one of the reputed institutions in Kathmandu valley. Being the permanent resident of Ward No. 15, Kathmandu, he has made it sure that if not all but many underprivileged can be reached through various means, which includes monetary assistance in the field of education and health. In spite of his busy schedule, he has organized many programmes and has been able to provide financial help to many through donors and sponsors. He has his own way of collecting funds. Under the banner of SAMUHA NEPAL, he has published pocket calendars. To support his endeavor, he chose to do his Masters in Sociology from Tri-Chandra College.

His motto in life – “One good work means one less sufferer.”

Life Members – 2010


  1. Pradip Bajracharya                     2010
  2. Saroj Manandhar                        2010
  3. Pritina Bajracharya                    2010
  4. Rohit Shrestha                             2010
  5. Shristina Shakya                         2010
  6. Manju Rai (Thapa)                     2010
  7. Vinod Ratna Tuladhar                2011
  8. Sanu Raja Manandhar                2011
  9. Padmasagar Kakshapati            2 011
  10. Ramjee Awal                                2011
  11. Sadikshya Bajracharya              2011
  12. Pushpa Tandukar                        2011